The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3 - Choose Love

A Reminder to Always Choose Love

The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose love The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose Love by BleeChoose Love is the third chapter in the 13 chapter series of The Black Lion Chronicles. Here’s what some people are saying about this album; “The production of each song is amazing and I found a couple classics […]

Reach Out - The four Tops2

Reach Out by The Four Tops – Motown Monday

And your world around is crumbling down, Darling reach out Staying true to their lyrics “I’ll be there”, The Four tops stayed together as a band for 41 years without a single member change. Now that’s what I call loyalty. I can’t see that happening with any band/group formed in today’s music industry. I wonder […]

Mansa Musa I - Feeling Like a King

Mansa Musa I – Feeling Like a King

Mansa Musa I was a fourteenth century emperor of the Mali Empire The emperor was a master businessman and economist, and gained his wealth through Mali’s supply of gold, salt and ivory, the  main commodities for most of the world during that time. Musa was a devout Muslim, and his pilgrimage to Mecca made him […]


Superstition by Stevie Wonder – Motown Monday

When you believe in things that you don’t understand, Then you suffer, Superstition ain’t the way Let’s get this week off to a superstition-free start. Quite possibly one of the biggest artists to come out of Motown, Stevie warns us about the danger of superstitious beliefs. Maybe this is what Blee was listening to when […]