Are You Ready for Oops?

Taken from the reloaded version of the Midnite Walk Riddim, Respect Your Legacy launches Oops from eclectic artist Paparatzi.

Paparatzi is an artist/music video director/music producer originally from Montserrat but now living in Massachusetts, USA.

“De gyal ah tell me bout she boyfriend nah do it good
She need more fire, she need more wood”

Oops finds the artist aiming to provide an additional level of love and affection that a woman is in need of. With a catchy hook and an infectious riddim, it’s hard not sing along to this on after the first listen.

“Ah who she want, ah me she want
She want de bad man fe grind up her Oops!”

Paparatzi delivers a truly entertaining on the Midnite Walk Riddim.