The Black Review Touches a Nerve

With the re-release of The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 1: Respect Your Legacy Blee launches single The Black Review to give people something to think about. The Black Review by Blee “It’s time to make a guest list Don’t think that you’re getting because you’ve got melanin and thick lips” The black Review features powerful, […]


Are You Ready for Oops?

Taken from the reloaded version of the Midnite Walk Riddim, Respect Your Legacy launches Oops from eclectic artist Paparatzi. Oops by Paparatzi Paparatzi is an artist/music video director/music producer originally from Montserrat but now living in Massachusetts, USA. “De gyal ah tell me bout she boyfriend nah do it good She need more fire, she […]

Five Things Women Do Better Than Men

Five Things Women Do Better Than Men

Once you start to think about it, there are so many things that can be added but here are five things that women do better than men Learning According to recent research women learn better than their male counterparts. Actually it’s not just recent research, we’re sure it’s been thought of for a while that […]


New Single Woman holds Women as Superior

“The Woman is the Most Powerful Thing that Walks this Earth” According to Blee’s New Single Woman Blee has teamed up with fellow Montserrat native Speca Duss on new single ‘Woman’. The new single hits listeners with line after line of praises about women. The world is not short of songs seeking to uplift and […]