13 Benefits of Meditation According to Blee

The benefits of Meditation are countless but I found 13 that might inspire you to test it out for your self

 Benefits of meditation

Recently a friend has been encouraging me to get back into meditating and sent me over 50 reasons to get involved.

As I’ve experienced the benefits of meditation before, I really didn’t need that much convincing but I thought I’d share some of those reasons with you, 13 to be exact. Hopefully you will find something here that inspires you to at least explore meditation to see if it helps. With benefits ranging from physiological to psychological to spiritual, there’s really no reason anyone shouldn’t be meditating. I personally feel they should introduce this practice in schools so that it becomes a habit for the next generations. It would definitely help them cope with this ever changing and challenging world.  Anyway here goes;

1. It enables you to become present in the moment

We can sometimes spend way too much time holding on to the past and/or worrying about the future. This causes us to really miss what’s happening now. The beauty of our experiences with friends and family. Being in the now is such an important part of life.

2. Improves your memory

This is always a plus. Unless of course there are some people/things that you would rather forget. In teh stillness of meditation though, those memories probably won’t seem that bad.

3. Increases your immunity

Apparently there’s scientific evidence to confirm this but it’s reasonable to see how this can happen. Nothing works well under stress, so it is logical that if your mind and body are at ease, then they and their systems would be working at an optimal level.

4. Cultivates more loving relationships

This is true. It puts you more in touch with who you really are and at the end of the day, we all come from the same source. The more connected you are with you, the more connected you are with humanity.

5. Taps into your creativity

Can definitely vouch for this as one of the benefits of meditation. I’ve found that I enoy the creative process even more once I have taken some time to calm down.

6. Makes you more giving

Boy is this world in need of a little more of this attribute. We would all benefit from a littl emore generousity of spirit.

7. Reduces impulsive behaviour

You know those Incredible Hulk-like fits of rage that you occasionally go into, you can now get them under control. Well at least you can begin to.

8. Makes you less judgmental

You only need to browse the comment section on any youtube video to so how much humanity needs this right now. I wish there was a way to force these ‘trolls’ to feel the benefits of meditation immediately after posting something negative.

9. Helps with headaches and migraines

This I didn’t know but as an occasional migraine sufferer, bring it on. If you know the pain of migraines, then you know that you are willing to try anything for a cure.

10. Reduces negative emotions

Let’s face it, if it’s not love, it’s not really worth our time and attention. Anything to get this world to feel more connected to love would be more than welcomed right now.

11. Improves your ability to communicate effectively

Who would have seen it coming. The more we technology advances in the field of telecommunications, the worst we get at being communicators. We definitely need to reverse that trend.

12. Increases your energy

Who couldn’t do with more energy?

And last but by no means the least important of the reasons…..

13. Improves your love making ability

Even though in some cases *cough cough* there might not be much room for improvement. You should always keep an open mind in life.

So, are you ready to take the plunge and start experiencing some of these benefits of meditation?