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Blee number 1

‘Conscious Hip Hop with a Caribbean Cool’

With songs featured in hit American TV series Graceland, Lincoln Heights and True Blood, Blee is fast becoming an independent artist that is making major moves in this business.

Growing up on the paradise Caribbean island of Montserrat, he started off his life instilled with values and structure. Tragedy struck his idyllic surroundings In July 1995 when the now infamous and tragic volcano erupted on the island destroying more than half the region including his childhood home. Uprooted, he moved to Canada to start a new life, he later made a move to the UK where he finally settled in London.

A multi talented producer, writer and performer, Blee is the answer to today’s lost generation of those both young and old on a quest to find themselves amongst the chaos of a traditionalist uninspired society. They say it takes just one person to make a change, shake things up and set the pace and we say that Blee has come along at just the right time!




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