Do You Know Night Food

Do You Know About Night Food?

This crafty Mento song takes you on a journey of discovery of what ‘Night Food’ is. It was only recently that I discovered Mento Music but immediately felt a connection to it. You can see straight away why they say Ska and Reggae sprouted from this genre. Mento is a traditional Jamaican Folk style of […]

Positive Thinking Helps Women

Positive Thinking Helps Women Live Longer

According to a study done by Harvard Chan School, positive thinking helps women live longer We hear it all the time. There is great power in optimistic thoughts. Well now there’s some tangible research to back up this theory. The study analysed data from a period of 8 years. 70,000 women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health […]

Lukas Graham Respects Their Legacy

Lukas Graham Respects Their Legacy    It would appear that Danish Band Lukas Graham respects their legacy. It should be stated that we actually enjoy their music. I remember hearing 7 Years every where I turned earlier this year. It became too much after a while but still a great record. We never actually saw […]

On Something Mix

On Something Mix – Various Artists

On Something Mix ‘On Something’ is a song that takes you back to the sixties with it’s doo whop vibe. We decided to put together some modern songs that give off a similar effect. All the songs in this playlist feel like they would not be out of place in a chart from that era. […]