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Blee Still Connected to the Number 13

Blee reaffirms his connection with the number 13 with his new logo We knew Blee was obsessed with the number 13 for a while now but when we saw the new logo, we definitely thought he’s taking t to another level. It must be said though, we do actually love the logo. You will notice […]

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Caribbean Artists

Caribbean Artists Release Song Tackling Climate Change

The carefully considered lyrics were written by Kendel Hippolyte and music composed and produced by Ronald Boo Hinkson. The song focuses on the need for greater climate justice and for a shared commitment to combat climate change. This project has brought together several of the Caribbean’s most conscious artists, as part of a regional campaign […]

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The Blee EP

Add The Blee EP to Your Collection

The BLEE EP On this 6 track release, Blee showcases the versatility of his style while maintaining his commitment to putting out a positive and socially conscious message ont through his music. The BLEE EP is filled with 6 powerful songs that can be singles in their own right. The songs bring a new age […]

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Respect Your Legacy

Do You Respect Your Legacy

Respect Your Legacy Records presents The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter2: Respect your Legacy Respect Your Legacy is the first album release in the Black Lion Chronicles series This album is great from start to finish with a lot of stand out moments . The top tracks on this album are I Am, Street Jam and […]