Cross Radar Feels the Energy of The Blee EP

Cross Radar Feels the Energy of The Blee EP

Packed with energy and creativity, BLEE brings delivers a rich fusion of up to the minute dance with a blend of dancehall. The repeated mantra on the opening track of the Blee EP “I woke up feeling like a king” does the job well, giving the listener an upbeat sense of positivity, pumping out sky […]

B B King

B B King, The King of Blues dies at 89

B B King the last of the Southern-born blues musicians who defined modern electric blues in the 1950s and would influence scores of rock and blues guitarists, died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 89. In October, B B King fell ill during a show and after being diagnosed with dehydration and exhaustion, canceled […]

Feeling Like A King Blee

Feeling Like A King is Here

Respect Your Legacy Records launches Blee new single ‘Feeling Like A King’ The conscious rapper with a Caribbean Cool delivers a track that feels like an anthem. As the title suggests, is a song that aims to uplift the spirits of listeners. “Feeling Like A King is a song that came to me when I really needed it. I […]

Eric Thomas

Get Success with Eric Thomas

  Eric Thomas breaks down success into three steps This speech is filled with a lot of valuable lessons but there are three things in particular that Eric Thomas encourages you to focus on; 1) When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful 2) Be ready at […]