Blee launches New Single ‘Life’

Blee launches New Single Life which Calls for Love and Unity Despite Struggles

London based artist, Blee, has released a new single Life. This conscious hip hop single paints a vivid picture of the struggles of the black race while simultaneously calling for love, unity and forgiveness to move forward

It’s no secret that being black has a number of challenges. Results from a survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics show that more than half of young black males in Britain are unemployed. In another report, The Bureau of Statistics shows that 1 in 3 black men go to prison and blacks are twice more likely to be arrested and experience the use of force during encounters with the police.

The lyrics by Blee ┬áin “Life” are thought provoking and accompanied by smooth rhythms that will have listeners rocking to the beats. The chorus is, especially, catchy and will inspire listeners to embrace their “blackness” regardless of the oppression they face.

When asked what inspired him to pen and perform “Life”, Blee said: “For me this song is all about an internal battle between a longing for justice and a longing for progress. Although it may be true that life in this world is harder for black people, if we want progress, real progress, it can’t be about race. If it’s love then there’s no room for separation.”

New single Life is available for download on Bandcamp.

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New single life

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