“The Woman is the Most Powerful Thing that Walks this Earth” According to Blee’s New Single Woman

Blee has teamed up with fellow Montserrat native Speca Duss on new single ‘Woman’. The new single hits listeners with line after line of praises about women.

The world is not short of songs seeking to uplift and empower women but it’s not often that this is done by a male duo. The sentiment that behind every strong man is an even stronger woman is not a new concept, but in a male dominated world it’s one that is easily forgotten. Not if Blee has anything to do with it however.

The lyrics in “Woman” are heart felt and highly complimentary. The chorus is especially catchy aided by the huskily smooth vocals of Speca Duss

When asked what was the inspiration behind his new single ‘Woman’ Blee said: “Growing up I was surrounded by strong and beautiful women. From my mother, to my grandmother, to my aunts and my cousins. I was forever in the presence of their greatness so I didn’t have to look far for inspiration”

New single woman will be available in major retailers now.