When You’re On Something, Life is Good

Blee – On Something

” The lyrics are relevant and tell a story that is well defined. I think that this song will be very successful on the R&B music charts”

Once you hear the song, you will immediately understand why. On Something feels like a genuine love song, which is tricky to do with Hip Hop but BLEE manages to do that very well here.

Imagine the luscious, smooth flowing melodies of Marvin Gaye teamed up with a modern, Hip Hop style flow over a Motown-esque beat…..it’s magic!

Here are some comments that came of a focus group reviewing to the song;

“A clean love song with the perfect blend of rap and soul. “

“A very original, classical, and intelligent beat with great lyrics. The message of the song is the strongest aspect.”

“I think this song has very high potential to be a hit. The melody is nice and calming.”
‘On Something’ is taken from the 3rd instalment of The Black Lion Chronicles. After a 3 year break from the music industry, Blee’s 3rd album entitled ‘The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 4: Choose Love’ which was released on Blee Day Friday 13th June 2014.