A Reminder to Always Choose Love

The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose love

Choose Love is the third chapter in the 13 chapter series of The Black Lion Chronicles.

Here’s what some people are saying about this album;

“The production of each song is amazing and I found a couple classics on the EP, such as ‘Feeling Like A King’, ‘Something For The Pain’, ‘Natural Hair’ and ‘Life’. ‘Choose Love’ is a great introspective album with an uplifting, melodic design of new age hip hop.”

“Blee makes music that not only targets the hip hop community but he hones in on the international crossover market with his hypnotic voice. The merging of his rapping and singing draws you in, and before you know it, he is tugging on your heart string and pulling it in every direction with his ineffable creativity and uniqueness.”

Blee’s album “The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose Love” is available at all major online retailers now including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play