Caribbean Artists Release Song Tackling Climate Change

The carefully considered lyrics were written by Kendel Hippolyte and music composed and produced by Ronald Boo Hinkson. The song focuses on the need for greater climate justice and for a shared commitment to combat climate change. This project has brought together several of the Caribbean’s most conscious artists, as part of a regional campaign spearheaded by Panos Caribbean in collaboration with the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre and other regional partners.

This project has brought together contribution from all corners of the Caribbean. Some of the Caribbean artists performing on the song include Banky Banx from Anguilla, BelO from Haiti, Kennenga from Martinique, Jessy Leonce, Ace Loctar and Shayne Ross from Saint Lucia, David Rudder from Trinidad, Aaron Silk from Jamaica, and Taj Weekes and Deridee Williams from Saint Lucia.

“How the song all came together is still astounding”, says Kendel Hippolyte. “Each person gave time, gave talent, gave art, gave heart. For Caribbean civilisation – because that’s what we’re fighting to save and pass on”.

The campaign, seeks to raise awareness to the fact that it is the poorest countries, communities and people that are the most vulnerable to climate change, and that the fight against climate change is also the fight against poverty and for social justice.

Well done to these Caribbean artists for their efforts in trying to raise awareness about this issue which some may think is of no concern to Caribbean people.