10 Things You Can do to Wake Up Feeling Like A King

Whether you are a man or woman, here are 10 things you can do to wake up Feeling Like A King

Waking up feeling like a king can be an everyday occurrence but you have to make some lifestyle choices. It’s not just related to now you sleep but to how you live your life. Everything you do will contribute to how you feel so it’s time to pay attention to you.

1.Get a good sleep

Of course waking up feeling like a king should begin with getting a good night’s rest. They say 8 hours is what the body needs to operate at optimum level but you can get away with around six as long as  it is an undisturbed and comfortable sleep.

2. Listen to something inspiring before bed

This will be different for everybody but whatever or whoever inspires you, try to spend about five minutes listening to something inspirational from them just before you go to bed. There are so many motivational speakers around these days that a simple search on Youtube should give you what you need.

3. Visualising success

This is not just for when you go to bed but for throughout your day. Get a picture of what success looks like in your head and keep it there. Especially before bed and before drifting off into a dream. Let that image or images float around in your mind so that you wake up feeling charged and ready to bring it to reality.

4. Don’t eat too late

This can really make for an uncomfortable sleep and set you up for a bad day. When you eat late ,you force your body to start digesting late and this activity will not only leave you feeling extra hungry in the morning but will mean that your body doesn’t rest properly.

5. Get some exercise

Another important contributor to feeling like a king is getting some exercise. Although you might be in a lot of pain the first few times you do it, especially if you are not a regular fitness seeker, eventually, as your fitness levels increase, you will start feeling better in all aspects of your life including how you feel when you wake up.

6. Forgive quickly

It is said, and I think it comes from a place of great wisdom, that when you hold on to anger or resentment you are only hurting yourself. The person you have the negative feelings for are living their life whistling and skipping down the street while you are sitting back seething with anger. What’s the point? Don’t carry that burden for anyone. Learn to forgive quickly ad let go those heavy, negative emotions.

7. Pat yourself on the back

Hey, someone’s got to do it. It’s all about doing things to make you feel good about you and every now and again, you need to pat yourself on the back and say well done. It may be even better when other people do it but put some value into your own self praise. It works for Kanye West.

8. Smile at a stranger

It costs you nothing and can be worth so much. What is great about giving a smile is what you get back in return. If someone happens to give you a smile back, it can leave you feeling good all day. If you get a dirty look or a scowl, just burst out in  hearty laugh. That will hopefully show that individual how caught up they are that they could respond to a smile with a dirty look.

9. An attitude of gratitude

Don’t be so consumed by trivial problems in life that you can’t recognise how much you have that you can be grateful for. For one if you’re in good health, appreciate that. You tend to find that people only know how to appreciate good health once they’re ill but if you practice being grateful everyday for things like this, you will automatically start feeling better about life. Tell your friends and family you appreciate them….your local green grocer, your bus driver.

10. Keep on giving

There is no limit to things you can give away. You might think that you have nothing to give but that is not the case. You can give a smile, give a compliment or give a helping hand to a friend in need. There’s something magical about giving that will put you in a better space.

What else do you to wake up feeling like a king?