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Hempress Kango

Hempress Kango

Born in the 20th districts of Paris France to Congolese parent Hempress Kango was exposed to wide variety of cultural influences growing up. At only the tender age of 8, she would regularly perform dance routines to a pack arena with the ‘Reseaux’ at a local youth centre in her home town.

After a major move to the East side of London in the UK, she didn’t waste any time in joining a local youth centre in Little Ilford to further develop her skills in performing art. She would perform in choirs, at fashion shows and in singing competitions to continue to feed her love for the stage.

She spends the next decade singing backing vocals for various artist live and in studio sessions, while of course still honing her songwriting and performing skills for her own material. In 2014 she took part in the Reggae Star Factor where she was able cross paths with Blee and begin creating her own material through a wonderful collaboration . Hempress Kango will continue to deliver beautiful music from the heart as she continues her journey.

Check out ‘Abba Keddus’ on the Moon Face Riddim produced by Blee

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