According to a study done by Harvard Chan School, positive thinking helps women live longer

Positive Thinking Helps Women Live LongerWe hear it all the time. There is great power in optimistic thoughts. Well now there’s some tangible research to back up this theory.

The study analysed data from a period of 8 years. 70,000 women enrolled in the Nurses’ Health Study from 2004 to 2012. The long-running study tracked women’s health via surveys every two years. They looked at participants’ levels of optimism and other factors that might play a role in how optimism may affect mortality risk, such as race, high blood pressure, diet, and physical activity. They found that positive thinking helps women in many ways.

“While most medical and public health efforts today focus on reducing risk factors for diseases, evidence has been mounting that enhancing psychological resilience may also make a difference,” said Eric Kim, research fellow in the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences and co-lead author of the study.

There have been other studies in the past that have linked optimism with reduced risk of early death from cardiovascular problems. With this study though, it was the first time a link was found between optimism and reduced risk from other major causes.

If positive thinking helps women, I’m sure the same would apply to men as well. Keep positive thoughts in your head, Love in your heart and Peace in your spirit…..and of course, some good music in your ears would help as well.