Respect Burning Flames’ Legacy – Soca Saturday

Once you hear them play you immediately understand why you should Respect Burning Flames’ Legacy

Burning Flames can easily be considered one of the greatest bands to come out of the Caribbean. As Soca continues ti grow in popularity all over the world it’s important that such an iconic band be immortalised in the industry.

The band was formed on the island of Antigua in 1984 and the original line up included three brothers
-Toriana “King Onyan” Edwards (vocals, guitar),
-David “Bubb-I” Edwards (vocals, bass),
-Clarence “Oungku” Edwards (vocals, keyboards) —along with drummer Rone “Foxx” WatkinsPrior to forming the band ,Oungku and Onyan  played in Arrow’s backing band.

The band appeared at the Antiguan Road March carnival in 1985 with their song “Stiley” but it wasn’t until
 1989 that they started to see international success with  “Workey Workey”

As a band, they have won the Road March title in Antigua on five occasions between 1991 and 1996, and again in 1997.The other members recruited vocalists Bryan Fontanelle and the Trinidadian Onika Bostik, and the new lineup recorded the album HokusPokus (1999). They won the Road March title again in 1999 with “Magician (I Command You)-  1999 was sweet!!!

Burning Flames have made over 34 albums and their unique style of music captures the vibe of life growing up in the Caribbean.